23 July, 2013

Tom’s Travel Talk: Adventure Underwear…

Adventure Underwear

Tom’s Travel Talk: Adventure Underwear… Welcome to the first edition of Tom’s Travel Talk where I will be interviewing various travel bloggers and detailing useful and exciting travel products. Kicking off the first edition is an Ozzie with a clever idea. It’s called Adventure Underwear…     Name: Nigel Clifford Twitter: @AdvntrUnderwear Facebook Fan Page: […]

7 June, 2013

Foodporn Friday: “What A Momo!”…

Foodporn Friday

Foodporn Friday: “What A Momo!”… Nom Nepali Fare Welcome to Foodporn Friday – Nepali style! After a great section of Indian cuisine, we feast our eyes on the delights from the “Roof Of The World” Today’s delicious treats start with the tasty staple of Nepal known widely as Dhal Bhat. Dhal Bhat basically means Lentils […]

15 May, 2013

Review: Llandudno Hostel, Llandudno, Wales – IHUK

Llandudno Hostel   Llandudno Hostel is a great place to stay for families and backpackers alike. A charming vintage Victorian house, located in the town known as the “Queen of the Welsh resorts” is the humble abode where a comfortable and peaceful nights rest awaits…     On arrival at the hosteI was greeted by […]

22 February, 2013

Foodporn Friday: ‘Variety Is The Spice Of Life’… Tasty Indian Fare – Part 6

Beef Xacuti

Welcome to the last in the Indian based Foodporn Friday for a while. Today’s tasty fare has a slightly spicier tone to it…   An unusual dish you might think in India. Why is there “Beef” in a curry? Well to answer that, I was eating this delightful dish in Goa. Goa is a christian […]

15 February, 2013

Foodporn Friday: In Poor’i’ Taste… Tasty Indian Fare – Part 5

It’s that time again and after a slight hiatus, comes the return of Foodporn Friday! Today I bring you deliciously srumptious and mouthwatering indian fare once again!   The good old trusted kebab. Not just any kebab though but Tandoori Murgh Kebab. The combination of spices and lightly tasty charring makes for one satisfying starter […]

22 November, 2012

Recommendations for Rural Central/Eastern Asturias…


  Spain is a hot tourist destination with people coming from all parts of the world to visit the country that is known best for its adventurous sporting activity of bullfighting. The capital city Madrid is where bullfighting arenas are always full of excited tourists. Barcelona is another Spanish city that became very famous after […]

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